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How Much Does a Web Design Cost?

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Web Design Cost

Web Design Cost: Imagine your first meeting with a possible business partner went well. Now as you prepare to sign a contract, they extend an invitation to see their office, which is a rusted van parked beneath a bridge. Doesn’t that make you rethink working with them in future? Similarly, when people visit an out-of-date or poorly designed website, your clients, customers, and investors will undoubtedly feel the same. This is why you must present them with a professional-looking, well-functioning website to pique their interest in working with you. But how much would that Web Design Cost you?

Given that 75% of consumers base their judgement of a company’s legitimacy on its website design, improving a site almost always pays for itself. Finding an affordable web design that fits your budget and offers quality work is quite a challenge. In this article, we have discussed the current website development costs in the market; so that you do not get taken advantage of. Through this article, we have explained what you can receive for your budget as well as what to anticipate.

Adjustable Pricing Tag

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When talking about website design cost, the fact that it is completely scalable is the first and possibly most significant factor. If you go through the right channels, you could run a website for as little as $20 a year, but it would not look very good; hence it is quite a wastage. We contend that the effort you put into web design impacts the results you will achieve; however, how much you invest is entirely up to you.

We have divided the top web design techniques into three groups below:

Basic Level Web Design Cost

This is the most affordable web design cost. Costs range from $1000 to $10,000 for a simple web design. It gives your company a straightforward yet functional website. Basic web design is an affordable choice for small businesses or new ventures. It offers your business a reliable and approachable website that can start generating orders, phone calls, quote inquiries, and more.

Medium Level Web Design Cost

The most common and affordable method for getting your website developed is working directly with a freelance designer. The fee for a freelance designer depends on their level of expertise. An experienced master designer will charge more than a recent graduate on his first project.

When all the totals are added up, a freelancer is almost always less expensive than a web designer working at an agency, even when both parties are equally skilled. While agencies will provide other services, hiring freelancers will simply cost you for the design job and nothing else.

Advanced Level Web Design Cost

Web design agencies are the ones who demand the most for website development. Agencies handle everything and demand little from you, primarily for large businesses and established corporations. The finished product is frequently excellent as well, but the main barrier is the high website development costs they demand for their work, which is far from any affordable web design cost.

What Other Aspects Affect the Price of our Web Design?


Your business may use your agency’s copywriting services for web development of your web pages for around $60 to $300 per page, depending on your digital marketing strategy and budget. If so, it is a good idea to work with a multi-faceted digital marketing company that provides more than simply web design. A full-service agency can offer optimized text that highlights your brand, the benefits of your products, and your unique selling propositions.

But what exactly is an optimal copy? It is the content that focuses on keywords related to your company and target audience. For instance, if someone wants to buy dresses, they might type “women’s dresses” into their search engine. You can target the keyword “women’s dresses” on your product page for women’s dresses by using the search example above.



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Some companies offer both SEO and a placement guarantee for about $2000 to $10,000. But what is a placement guarantee, though? It ensures that your website will appear on page one of search results for a specific keyword. For instance, you would meet your placement guarantee if your website showed up on the first page of search results for the term “women’s dresses.” For a limited set of keywords, agencies typically give a placement guarantee. In addition to this, they restrict the placement guarantee to terms with a specific number of search results. For example, the placement guarantee might only apply to keywords that produce a minimum of one million search results.


Aside from the above factors, the size of your website also plays a significant role in setting the price of your web design. To develop, build, and launch a large website with sophisticated features like those required for e-commerce sites takes more time and effort. The majority of the time, agencies gauge the size of your website by counting its pages—hence, the greater the number of web pages, the higher of the web design cost .


You need not be concerned about losing your money on web design costs because web design is an important component of a business and anything you invest in it will not be wasted.


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