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What Color Are the Two G’s in the Google Logo?

By July 19, 2022October 17th, 2022No Comments
Google Logo

The infamous Google search engine was built using an algorithm created by logo designers Larry Page and Sergey Bran, who were not some experienced people like you would imagine, but were Stanford University students at the time.

History Behind the Google Logo:

Much to their surprise in 1998, Google, their business, made its public debut and became a huge success as a result of their many efforts. At that time, the World Wide Web and the tech giants that dominate the market such as companies like Ask Jeeves, Yahoo!, Web Crawler, AltaVista. Were drastically different from the newly introduce Google, instantly forming its reputation as something revolutionary. 

However, this change turned out to be something great. Google became one of the biggest and most used web-based search engines all over the world.

The logo designers working behind Google put a lot of contemplation into every component that goes into making its logo. Google is renowned for constantly altering its logo on the homepage of its website to reflect current events and significant historical dates, including holidays, birthdays and death anniversaries of famous people. These special logos, some designed by one of the best logo designers Dennis Hwang, have become known as Google Logo Doodles. 

However, the fact is that its main logo has not gone through any significant changes over the past years. The Google logo today essentially resembles the first logo that was create years ago. Ever since then, the logo has been a bright and colorful design that instantly catches everybody’s eye. 

The very first Google logo was formed by one of the best logo designers Larry Page in 1997, by making use of the free graphics program GIMP. This was initially call “Backrub,” because its actual job was to sift through backlinks on the internet.

However, by the year 1997, they abandoned the previous name and replaced it with “Google,” a transliteration of the Latin word “googol,” which signifies 10100 (10 to the 100th power).

The whole point of the name conveyed to users that the search engine might return googols of results for their searched keywords. At that time the logo also included an exclamation mark to resemble the Yahoo logo, which was a massive hype at that time.

Details About the Google Logo:

Since then, Google has unveiled several variations of the logo, typically only altering the text and

rearranging the colors slightly—hence, not making any big changes whatsoever.

So, what significance do these colors have in the Google logo, if any, then?

It turns out that the colors Google chose in their now-famous logo have a

significant message—which is not surprising since the logo designers put a lot

of thought into every single thing—including the chosen colors of the logo.

The success of a brand depends highly on what color scheme is choose by its logo designers. The logo designers working at Google took great care to select a color palette. That would be eye-catching and visually beautiful because they were aware of this fact when they built their logo and faithfully conveyed their business’ mission.

Even though the design they went with was incredibly straightforward. It was still able to accomplish all the primary objectives, demonstrating. That complicated colors and shapes are not always ideal, and that straightforward designs are frequently. The best option, that, combined with paying a little extra attention to detail when selecting your logo’s colors can pay off big time.

What Does the Google Logo Represent?


Image Source – Google.com

Hence, the simple yet attractive design of the Google logo includes primary colors, in which the two G’s are blue. A secondary color green is also include in the logo, on the letter L, to symbolize the rebellious nature of Google, representing. That it does not confine itself to any sort of rules.

The logo designers working at the company of Google take colors very seriously. Whenever a significant tragedy occurs, the vibrant colors of the logo are remove, and a local homepage frequently displays a colorless version of the logo for many days. For instance, after the April 2010 flight catastrophe that claimed the lives of many people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the design was first displayed on the Google Poland site. A few days later. The colorless symbol was again use to honor the victims of the Qinghai earthquake in China and Hong Kong.


All in all, the Google logo is among the most recognizable in the world due to its widespread use. It scarcely needs introducing that Google is without a doubt the most widely use search engine all over the world. The site continues to receive the most traffic on the planet, because people have develop sense of familiarity with it. Owing to the very few alterations it has gone through since the time it was create.


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