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Which of the Following Is Not a Web Design Recommended Practice?

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Web Design

The best practices of web design serve as standards for building websites that work well across a variety of browsers, gadgets, and platforms. These rules are there to make it simpler for users to utilize your site and to improve their overall enjoyment. There are numerous web development practices opted by any web design company that are thought of as best practices for website development. These recommendations will assist you in building a website that works well across a variety of browsers, gadgets, and operating systems.

So, which practices do not qualify as ideal approaches to web design? The quest to make your website better never ends. By avoiding these 5 typical design errors that many people at any web design company make, you can easily improve your website. The top 5 web development errors that you should avoid are listed in the list below.

Mistake no.1: Lack of a Content Strategy

There are no tricks to successfully managing a website. You need to have engaging content, keep people interested, and have a solid follow-up approach. Consider it this way. What three items do you find the most fascinating when you visit any website? It is mostly not the layout, headline, or even the visuals; rather it is generally something you read on the page that catches your attention and tempts you to continue surfing through that website. However, if a website does not have engaging content, you do not even open that website, let alone scroll through it. Because of this, developing a content strategy is among the most crucial tasks for web development.

Mistake no.2: Choosing the Wrong Colors

The secret to any effective web design is making it appealing to your users. Keep in mind that you must market your goods and persuade your audience to purchase them. You must make your website as pleasant and eye-catching as possible to do this. You should be selective in the colors you employ on your website. There are numerous ways to use color.

On the internet, color is frequently used in the following ways:
complementary Colors
Engaging Colors
Picturesque Colors

One of the most crucial elements of website development is color. You will want to view certain colors in as many different tones as you can before using them on your website. One tip is to pick colors that are not too complicated, but simple and eye-catching.

Mistake No. 3: Lack of a Clearly Stated Goal

The web design part of your website is being done by you. You are now building your own website. After creating the primary content pages, you should now add a simple search box so that you can quickly display all of your website’s terms. Your biggest challenge is that a lot of folks are simply unsure about the direction their website should take. If you don’t even know what your website’s main objective is, that’s not a good indicator.

Additionally, you ought to have a distinct goal for your website. A good generalization that many website developers at any web design company use are that you have established a website if you are completely aware of its purpose and how to assess its effectiveness.

Mistake no.4: Using the wrong keywords

One of the best ways of web development to boost website traffic is through keyword research. To be overoptimized is preferable to being under-optimized, nevertheless, as a general rule. You’ll waste a lot of time conducting pointless research to increase your traffic if your site isn’t optimized. One of the easiest ways to boost website traffic is to use the proper keyword as frequently as you can on your website and in social media posts. You can make use of various services like Ahrefs to conduct the necessary keyword research and choose the best low-competition keywords for your website.

Mistake no.5: Not Having a Responsive Website

Although it goes against common sense, some individuals who do web designing believe that building a responsive website requires far more time and money than simply building a conventional static website. Most people at any web design company do not bother to develop a website that they are unsure they will be able to manage in the future because they assume that responsive websites are significantly more complex.

However, building a responsive website is actually pretty simple and affordable. One of the things that any web design company uses is making sure that every page included on a website needs to be resized accordingly. For example, if your website has a blog, the content of the blog needs to be adjusted to fit inside a smaller box; otherwise, the blog will be entirely blank!


Even if we ought to think of ourselves as outstanding web designers, there is always room for development. All site designers should make an effort to incorporate the aforementioned recommended practices into their designs.


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