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Which Luxury Automobile Does Not Feature an Animal in Its Official Logo?

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The most common industry for transporting animals and the logos that go along with them is generally thought to be the automotive sector. There is a tremendous amount of ingenuity and variation in the way that logos are designed, but there are also many automotive manufacturers who have not picked animal-related emblems. 

Hence, some of the luxury automobile brands that do not have an animal in their official logo are listed in this article.

Tesla Logo

In the category of Automobiles vehicles without an animal in their official logo, Tesla is also included. It is based in Austin, Texas and is a renowned name among American automobiles that advocates for clean energy. Electric cars and battery energy storage are both popular thanks to Tesla. In addition, the brand has one of the most attractive logos that draws a lot of attention and many people find captivating.

The Professional logo of Tesla was made by RO Studio. It was originally intended to fit inside of a shield, however the professional logo makers at the company ultimately decided against using the shield and instead chose to use the letter “T” as their mark. The letter “T” in the logo is not commonly written; rather it is rendered in a distinctive, futuristic manner for the Tesla logo, usually displayed in white, with a black or red background.

Moreover, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted that what appears to be a stylized “T” in the logo is actually a reference to the company’s products—a cross-section of an electric motor automobile is what the Tesla logo is supposed to resemble. One of a motor’s rotor’s poles is represented by the main body of the “T,” and a portion of the stator is shown by the second line at the top. Furthermore, by circling the Tesla logo several times with the top of each “T” facing outward, it approximates an electric motor cross-section rather well.

The Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz Logo

Image Source – Mercedesblog.com

Mercedes Automobile Benz, usually known as Mercedes, is a German automobile company that creates opulent vehicles, created by sons of Gottlieb Daimler, Paul and Adolf Daimler. The Mercedes-Benz Automobile professional logo, which is made up of three pointed lines that cross over one another to form a star, represents a distinct idea. Its three separate lines stand for the elements of land, air, and water, thereby symbolizing the company’s goal of dominating the world.

The logo was originally a gold star, which was inspired by the symbol their father used to stamp family postcards with. However, the professional logo makers of the Automobiles company made gradual changes to the logo. After some years, the logo of the brand finally became a white star in the middle of a substantial circular border with ornamentation on the borders.

Then finally, the logo became as we know it today—a silver circle with a Three-Pointed Star in the center. Although the logo originally had a family-related connotation, it has come to symbolize the power and dominance of Daimler engines on land, at sea, and in the air. In Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana, the Three-Pointed Star is now prominently featured on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles either as a stand-up hood decoration or as a grille-mounted stamp.

BMW Logo

BMW Logo

Image Source – seeklogo.com

BMW is an automobile brand produced in the 20th century, which originated in Germany. Its logo consists of two concentric rings with a white and blue checkered pattern. As BMW began as an aircraft engineering business, some have assumed that the logo represents a spinning propeller; however, the actual symbol really represents the brand’s home state of Bavaria. The company’s history is honored by the usage of the reversed colors from the Bavarian flag.

However, there are many other interpretations of the BMW emblem as well. Such as, the numerous rings around one another is a sign of inclusion, community, and connection. Furthermore, the decision of the “BMW” to be written in a softer, sans-serif font is also intentional; it makes the firm look more approachable and interesting. Additionally, a lot of people still associate the BMW logo with the aviation sector because of the white and blue design in the middle that makes them think of a plane’s fast propeller against a sky of blue.

Ever since the brand’s invention, the fundamental components of the BMW logo have not gone through any major changes. In order to comply with trademark regulations, the white and blue of the Bavarian flag, reversed, are currently the most significant color possibilities for the BMW logo. Even though BMW occasionally modifies the specific shade of blue it uses, it consistently opts for the same palette of colors.

Bentley Logo

This is yet another car brand that does not have an animal in its logo. The bolded letter B is a tribute to the founder of the automaker, and the two soaring wings in the logo stand for speed and power since the company’s cars are well-equipped with horsepower and exquisite luxury.

Moreover, the flying wings in the logo also symbolize the founder’s unrelenting love of mobility.

The reason for using flying wings in the company’s logo is due to W.O. Bentley’s involvement in World War I, when he decided to use his insider knowledge to develop engines for fighter planes. For his wartime efforts and contributions, he was given the MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), along with 8,000 pounds, which allowed him to start his dream of developing a car brand.

In conclusion, the perfect beast to represent their vehicles has been sought after by car manufacturers throughout the animal kingdom. However, there are a lot of other automobile companies that do not include animals in their logos, some of which are mentioned above.


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