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Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by APEX Team

You have determined that your company should have a mobile app, and having the iOS platform is the perfect way to communicate with and meet your prospective customers’ needs. The primary step towards this approach, of course, is to estimate the iOS app development cost to set your plans in motion. But have no worries yet; this is the right place to start and help you. 

For a brief overview, the average iOS App Development Cost is within the ballpark figure of $15,000-$450,000, compared to getting services from other world regions, which may be within the $10,000-$200,000 range.

Experts advise using mobile app outsourcing for fast and with zero quality compromise in iPhone app development; all processes are high quality. Besides the cost range mentioned previously, you must master the technical art of studying the background information and the hidden factors of the whole project for iPhone app development.

Factors that affect iOS development cost

The app’s features, functionalities, and all the cost-incurring factors will guarantee that the app will be able to meet the customer’s needs and the company’s requirements. Merging other features into the app that could address the needs of the customers also seems possible. Thus, your iOS app, which mainly consists of business features, should be easy to navigate with payment options.

These business-driven features play a significant part in estimating your iOS app development budget, along with the factors listed below:

The complexity of the iOS app

It is a given that an app is considered efficient only when it contains numerous diverse features. However, the more complex the app, the more it will cost. A Basic iOS app development with simple UI requirements and functions will cost around $10,000- $20,000. A medium and complex iOS app with high-backed and custom UI requirements will cost $50,000-$250,000.

Size of the app

As the size of your iOS app grows, so do the number of screens and features that come with it, increasing the time and effort of development. Many methods and processes exist to define the key features and functions of your app, so you can begin with the app idea validation and its features before the actual app development process.

iOS app category

Since iOS mobile apps come in numerous varieties these days, the price of an app varies greatly among the different categories. Each category features its own functions, specific demographics, security features, etc.

Gaming app

The iOS App Development Cost estimate and timeline for developing gaming apps differ greatly from those of other apps due to the complexity of their design and the ability to provide an interactive culture to the end user. Usually, the development of gaming apps demands a time frame of 4-20 months, and the cost is $30,000 – $250,000. Therefore, these apps have to be characterized with precise detail and great functionality to allow their content to captivate the users.

Business app

A list of business apps to boost productivity and efficiency is the most popular, with a 2-10 month launch timeline. The estimated iOS App Development Cost of developing enterprise apps can range anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000. These applications focus on functionality and the visual interfaces that can eventually suit each business requirement, ranging from project management to customer relationship management.

Education app

Creating education apps is not easy. They need to be developed for 2 to 12 months. Development pricing includes figures as nominal as $10,000 and as hefty as $80,000. Those apps are mostly based on integrating user-interactive features, creating quizzes and multimedia to grasp users’ attention and make learning experiences more dynamic.

Entertainment app

The entertainment apps designed for the desire of the users to relax and have fun are usually developed within 3 to 15 months. Their entertainment software app development budget is generally from $15,000 to $100,000. These apps show more and more content – streaming services, card games and other multimedia applications – to keep and entertain the users.

Travel app

Travel apps require 2 to 8 months of development time and are practically travel planners and navigators. iOS App Development Cost in this category normally ranges from $5,000 to $50,000. These apps integrate functionalities such as management, booking services, and recommendations based on location to amplify the travel experience.

Shopping app

The design of an online retail and e-commerce shopping app needs approximately 3 to 8 months to develop, with iOS App Development Cost ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. These apps provide users with user-friendly interfaces, secure payment portals and tailored shopping experiences to keep sales numbers high and customer service top quality.

Social networking app

Social networking apps, becoming more popular for engaging and linking people, usually take 5 to 8 months to complete their development stage. The expenses of creating a social networking app start from $10,000 and may get to $60,000. They work on features such as the user’s profile with interactive and engaging messaging and content creation within the app.

Health and fitness app

Health and fitness apps, by the way, cover a range of short-term and long-term timeframes of 1 to 15 months. It takes between $10,000 and $250,000 to develop health and fitness mobile apps. Such apps usually embody functions like exercise tracking, workout programs, and meal menus that help people accomplish their wellness targets.

iOS app design

iPhone app design and animation are yet other factors that we should consider when answering the question of iOS App Development Cost in 2024. The development cost of the same application will change based on different choices of design, animation, and illustration. Besides, the designs of engaging apps help drive more conversions and engagement.

Mobile app developers for iOS

The development of an iOS app will depend largely on what team you hire – a freelance programmer or a professional iPhone app development company. Hiring individual talent can become expensive, so it is recommended that you hire a full-stack iOS app development team from a renowned company at an affordable price.

iOS app launch

One of the primary tasks in building an Apple app for iOS is successfully deploying the app into the App Store. Well, you cannot just do that. An App is accepted on the App Store only after it has followed all its requirements. This is the critical reason many apps fail to make their way into the App Store but end up in the rejection address.

iOS app maintenance

Work is not done when your app is listed in the stores. Other factors, including app maintenance, also contribute to the increment in the iOS App Development Cost.

Hidden Cost Unveiled 

The iOS App Development Cost factors mentioned above are too obvious not to attract your attention. However, some hidden iPhone app development criteria might distract you from your app development process. Fear not; we have created a checklist for you.

  • Data storage: $500
  • CDN: $150
  • App developer account cost: $99
  • Annual iOS updates: $1000
  • Monitoring and maintenance: $4,000-12,000

Calculating the mobile app development cost

Mobile app programming cost, whether for Android or iOS, is estimated by multiplying the number of hours it takes to develop by the billable hours of resources spent. On the other hand, the more you break down every single element, the more you will discover that many factors are coming from various places.

Specific factors include the technology stack, the location of the development team, the UI/UX design, the complexity level, the type of the app, and other options discussed in the blog. 


The iOS App Development Cost may vary depending on a number of important factors, including app complexity, size, category, design, development team, market-entry, and maintenance. Other internet charges such as data storage, CDN, developer account fees, updates, and ongoing monitoring will also affect the budget. Through this comprehension and application of specialized support, you can handle the process blueprint successfully to launch your iOS app within a limited budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What affects iOS mobile application costs?

There are plenty of the aspects that make up the total sum that is used evaluating the cost of the development of an iOS application.

First, we should consider the number of hours needed for the app development process and the type of app – an enterprise, social media, standalone function, etc.

The complexity level of the app is a significant factor. Additionally, the project location, the number of developers involved, the app design, and the cost of maintenance and deployment all contribute to the final iOS app development cost.

How do you estimate the cost of iPhone app development?

There is no magic formula for calculating the iOS App Development Cost. However, a procedure has been developed to calculate the cost of creating the iOS app. It accounts for the time spent in the development process and then converts it to billable hours of the resources for the whole project.

Is there any price difference in developing apps for iOS or Android?

Yes. The normal iOS App Development Cost and an Android App Development Cost are different. Android apps may be costly because of the fragmentation trouble in developing different versions of the app for multiple devices (the testing process is very long), and you need to make sure that your app will be compatible with the specifications of each device.

Why choose iPhone apps for business?

When it comes to iPhone app development, it is full of features and advantages for any business, which may eventually result in increasing its customer base, thereby increasing its productivity and survival. Some of them are:
  • Instant global exposure.
  • Real-time customers.
  • ROI is at a higher level, and revenue is expected as well.
  • Integrated security measures for business information and data protection are also needed.
  • The top-notch quality features offered by this advanced application will create a high tendency for your app to score outstanding performance.

Can I make my own iOS app?

You are free to create your own app, but it’s worth working with a professional app development company, as you can save your money by spending less and getting a good result.